6 Ways to Better Your Backyard

Planning your outdoor space is sometimes the last, but definitely not the least important part of your home. Just as much as we need shelter, warmth, (and gorgeous, modern furniture), we need an outdoor space to enjoy, sit back, and breathe in the fresh air. If you're like most of us, it's easy to become overwhelmed by furniture, entertainment, garden possibilities, and activities your back yard has the potential for. From our own personal and professional experience, here are 6 Ways to Better Your Backyard. 

Outdoor Furniture 

1. First, always consider the climate zone you live in before envisioning your outdoor space and options for plants and outdoor accessories. If you live in Juneau, Alaska, maybe think fire pit. If you want a suggestion, check out our all time favorite Modfire Fire Pits. The ultimate, Solfire Hex featured below. 

Solfire Modfire at Modern Market

 If you're in Miami, maybe some badass poolside furniture. In terms of plants, always buy local, as local nurseries will be more knowledgeable and will know what works in your town of residence. If you live in New Orleans, maybe don't get a juniper tree; try more tropical plants that love humidity, like Hibiscus for example.

2. Keep in mind what the purpose of your outdoor space is and how large your space is. Think tall, skinny plants like bamboo if you want to maximize space and retain sunshine. Think fat and bushy if you have plenty of space and too much sunlight. Choose plants based on what it is you want to do, whether that's to garden, meditate, read, or sunbathe. And again, the climate always comes into play. If you're someone who loves to sit outside and read, make sure to include some outdoor lounge chairs in your budget. If you love to hang out by the pool, outdoor rugs are definitely the way to go. 

Outdoor Furniture Modern
3. Think outside the box! There is SO much you can do with your outdoor space. Create a space that is truly yours and reflects you as an individual or family. Don't limit yourself to the same 5 plants and the same 5 lounge chairs that everyone else has in the patios.

4. Having a combination of shape, height, and color in your plants will create a more dynamic garden, if that's what you're going for, while having lots of the same, like bamboo for example, will offer more consistent, relaxing space. The Concrete Pots featured below is one of our all time favorites. Available in three sizes and three shades, these look awesome when staggered at different sizes.  

Indoor Outdoor Concrete Pots at Modern Market

5. Think about what you want to do with your friends, family, and visitors in your back yard. Do you want to simply whip out the tanning oil and lay out with your girlfriends? Do you want to play corn hole, or bust a move on say, a badass indoor / outdoor foosball table like this one by RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona Outdoor Foosball Table

6. Lastly, do your best to create a sense of permanence in your backyard or patio. With our every day lives being so packed full of change, it helps to create a feeling of stability in your back yard. And make it special, you want to make it somewhere that feels special to you and comfortable to your guests. 


Questions? Comments? Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more tips and writing on cultivating a creative, healthy, and modern lifestyle. 



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