7 Nightstands We Love

Seven Nightstands We Love

 Because beds generally vary in height and we position our beds in all kinds of weird configurations, it's hard to find a nightstand with the perfect dimensions. Actually, the perfect nightstand is hard to find, in general. For a little "Nightstand 101", nightstands are typically 25 inches or less. It's all up to you of course, but any wider than that can sometimes be a nuisance or waste of space. And you will NEVER regret a nightstand that has at least one drawer or shelf for storing books, reading glasses, or maybe some amazing, sleep-inducing DoTerra essential oils! Another introductory tip: match the dimensions ratio from bed to nightstand.

Truly though, the right nightstand is difficult to find. Since we have recently we have seen a surge of interest and inquiry for unique nightstands, here are 7 Nightstands We Love, in hopes to respond to this sudden (but appropriate) obsession with nightstands.


1. Wilson End Table – $399

Two-toned white panel on walnut, this proportionate end table works nicely as both a nightstand or alongside your living room sofa. A classic design, with a modern edge.

Wilson End Table 


2. Strut Side Table – $349

20" x 20" and 18" high, the Strut brings a sense of unity to any space. With a modern, geometric design, the Strut is available in a variety of colors and also available in wood. Works well in both bedroom and living room. 

Strut Side Table

3. Annex End Table – $575

A classic design bridged with stainless steel, the Annex End Table works well in the living room as well as the bedroom. Generally, a go-to nightstand for any modern space.

Annex End Table

4. Clad Nightstand – $799

One of our newest nightstands, the Clad has legs for days. Warm wood meets powder-coated steel to create a striking relationship.

Clad Nightstand

5. Mimico End Table – $575

Rounding out the Scandinavian-influenced Mimico Series, the Mimico End Table works perfectly beside a sofa, a chair, or flanking a bed.

Mimico End Table

6. Series 11 Nightstand – $699

If Don Draper had a nightstand...

Series 11 Nightstand

7. Shale Bedside Table – $699

Practicality meets sophistication. Smoke or walnut woods combined with leather drawer handles makes for a pleasant nightstand experience, to say the least.

Shale Bedside Table


These are 7 Nightstands We Love. Which one of the above is your favorite?

To check out all of our pin-worthy nightstands, check out our featured collection Stand Up Nightstands. Thank you all for reading! 



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