On the Rise: Rose Gold, Copper and Metallics

Rose, Gold, and Copper: On the Rise

The Modern Market design team are huge proponents of anything metallic. We have always, and we mean, always, been a major proponent of 'rose gold'. Whether it's rose gold jewelry or rose gold furniture, we think it's dynamite, especially when paired with copper or darker more moody hues to balance out the rose. These days we see rose gold everywhere, from shoes, to Lulu's Rose Gold Headphones (below), to hair and make-up, and even to the new metallic iPhones and Macbooks...swoon.

Rose gold has re-appeared via some unexpected but awesome avenues. Today we are taking an existential look at how rose gold has resurfaced in the context of modern design and home decor.

Spotted above, a soft rosey-pink bath towel is set off by a rusty shade, and accented by gold shower faucets. We have taken an extra loving liking to the rose and gold neutralized by dark, matte sapphire tones, like the navy in the Colour Block Shower Curtain.

Rosegold Copper Furniture Modern Market

Remember when the Real Good Chair by Blu Dot came out in Copper!? While more and more seeing home accessories and furniture becoming available in rosewe are relishing new opportunities to pair these copper bad boys. And we are more than okay with it. Are those lilies? 

Rosegold Modern Home Accessories

Drop the mic: this is exactly what we are talking about – soft peony pink rose paired with a rusty copper-like shade. Copper planter pots make a great addition to the ensemble, especially when filled with Incense Matches. Yes, those do exist and we have them, here. Let's light it up! 

Rose Gold Rugs Detail

Check it, these uber soft rugs are rose gold straight to the core. We think these would look especially hot with the Copper Real Good Chair. Rose Gold Home Accessories Modern Market

 We couldn't possibly discuss anything remotely having to do with copper without bringing up our bestselling Copper String Lights. These are without a doubt, our bestselling accessory EVER. And understandably, you can wear them, you can dress up your indoor plants with them, or even...pair them with roses, golds, and other copper home accessories – just to make it POP! Throw in some gold Contour Key Rings, and the new Colour Block Throw, and you are in rose gold heaven. 

Well, that's the end of existential rose gold exploration for now, but let us know if you would like to see more blog posts like this or more rose gold designs for that matter. We were nerdy enough to round up all of our favorite rose gold items, here, in our Rose Gold Collection, if you're thirsty for more! Thanks for reading and please let us know your thoughts on this rose gold phenomenon. 




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