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The Bestseller's List: Modern Furniture & Accessories

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New Standard Sofa

Welcome to our Bestseller's Circle. As the spring time comes to a close, we wanted to re-cap this past year. The ongoing trend: everyone LOVES these ten products. Many of these have been bestsellers since the very beginning of Modern Market, while others are accessories, but big new items on the playing field. To set the record straight, and in thanks to some of our favorite designers, here's a list of our Top Bestsellers. 

Above, the New Standard Sofa. This modern classic is available in a variety of sizes, an armless sofa, a love seat, as a lounge chair, and in leather (swoon). Also shown above, Turn Coffee Table, Turn Stool, Turn Tall Side Table, and Turn Low Side Table.

 Carmichael Bed

The winner in the bedroom arena, the Carmichael, in Parliament Stone. The Carmichael is the perfect bridge between more traditional feels and more contemporary lines. And below, likely our newest candidate, the Spencer Sofa, has texture for days! The Spencer's cushions underwent an upgrade last year to make them slightly softer, and it is now considered one of the most comfortable we sell. Accompanied by the Tobias Rectangle Coffee Table.

Spencer Sofa

The Paramount Collection Modern Furniture

Likely our bestselling (and favorite) collection of all time, the Paramount Collection is paralleled by no other. Modern, yet casual all at the same time, the Paramount Collection is a comprehensive living room solution, with sizes and shapes for any space.

The Wire Baskets below are amazing! Use them as a basket for magazines, fire wood, blankets, pillows, whatever you like – they add a modern edge to otherwise boring rooms. Available in a variety of sizes and muted tones, and also brass, these guys are flying out the door. 

Wire Baskets

Brass Hooks

Brass Hooks above have reached their tipping point on Pinterest, to the point that our manufacturer has a hard time keeping stock. Industrial, yet elegant, these hooks have officially "arrived". 

A veteran in the living room realm, the Jane Sofa has been a staple for us in sourcing furniture for both residential and contract projects. This piece is contract-rated, and has been extremely popular with our commercial clients. 

Jane Sofa

Annex Dresser

Lastly, but certainly not least: the Annex Cabinet featured above never fails. Industrial stainless steel frame adds a modern edge to any bedroom or living room, but ultimately the Annex's walnut finish has a warming, homey vibe that makes anyone smile on a Sunday morning. 

The modern family has spoken and these guys are here to stay. A round of applause to our bestsellers and cheers to their timeless, modern design. Thank you all for loving design as much as we do! Here's to new and unique designs in the future. 




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