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ANI Lamp


  • PORTABLE, INTUITIVE AND SURPRISINGLY VERSATILE. An integrated rechargeable battery makes the 3-in-1 ANI lamp particularly versatile and convenient. The light cone can be located on the stand supplied, or removed and placed upside down on a suitable flat surface. Alternatively, the lamp can be attached to the rope & clip supplied, allowing you to hang ANI from a overhead location – inside or outside. Lightly touching the chrome rings on the lampshade switches the lamp on. A further touch increases the brightness level to maximum. Touch again to switch-off. ANI is suitable for outdoor or indoor use and is splash-proof. (Do not submerge in water). Run time is 8-16 hours on a charge, depending on brightness level used. 
    • 100 Lumens
    • Lamp is 13" x 8.7" on lamp stand pedestal