Retailers Excellence Awards Press Release 8.25.16 – Modern Market

REA Press Release - Modern Market

Modern Market named winner for Marketing Achievement Award

Given by Gifts and Decorative Accessories, 65th Annual Retailer Achievement Awards

National retail magazine and brand, Gifts And Decorative Accessories hosted their 65th Annual Retailer’s Excellence Awards (REA) on Sunday, August 21, 2016 at the Chelsea Piers Lighthouse in New York City. The event is hosted by NY Now, a wholesale products & innovative design trade show that has the latest and greatest manufacturers to the market.  The Retailer Excellence Awards is an annual event that highlights and awards the top contenders in the retail industry in five categories presented at the event, one of them being Marketing Achievement.  Awards are presented to those retailers who differentiate themselves from the norm.  This event is considered the most longstanding and prestigious retail awards in the gift industry.  Modern Market found out they were a finalist with two other companies, the winner being announced at the REA Awards in New York. Sherrie Hope and Caroline Larussa traveled to the awards ceremony and were beyond thrilled to be named the winner of this category for Modern Market. The Marketing Achievement category is awarded to a company who has come up with creative techniques and marketing campaigns to enhance the customer experience and visibility.

Awards Presentation Write Up:

One of the great challenges for independent retailers is bringing in a steady stream of customers. How is that accomplished, you would think? If you have great product, maybe that’s one way. If you have a great location that everyone stumbles past on their way to Stop-N-Save, maybe that’s another way. What if you don’t have all of those things coming together all of the time? What if you are off the beaten path? What if your product is a little bit different than what folks in your region maybe are interested in? How do you make that difference? Marketing really does it. Marketing is the glue that raises awareness of your store, brings people in, makes people think about your store in a different light. A strong marketing strategy keeps your brand top of mind with your customers, even when they aren’t in your store. With marketing tools like social media you’d think that would be easy. But, there’s more to it than just social media. There’s a full integrated marketing plan that hits customers in many different ways. This year’s marketing achievement finalists developed ways to attract customers that might not necessarily shop their stores under normal circumstances. And once through the door, these customers come back again and again. And guess what? They tell their friends. Word of mouth is a very important part and adjunct of marketing. How do you drive shoppers to a part of town that is not longer a retail hub? I’m sure many retailers are facing those kinds of challenges today? How do you attract customers with traditional sensibilities to a modern furniture store? Again, something they might not think would appeal to them, but maybe, in fact, it will. How do you leverage a popular author to market your store? This years marketing achievement finalist know the answers, and more. Creativity, engagement, making customers feel special, it’s all part of the marketing plan. 

The finalist in marketing achievement for this year are: Her Majesty’s English Tea Room in Dunlap, IL, The Cornerstone Shop and Gallery from Lake Geneva, WI and Modern Market from New Orleans, LA. And the award goes to…Modern Market! Let’s see our Marketing Achievement honoree, Modern Market. How do you treat traditionalist with contemporary design? That’s the challenge for New Orleans based furniture and lifestyle contender, Modern Market. There was a need for a modern aesthetic in New Orleans, explained Sherrie Hope and Caroline Larussa. One of our missions is to inspire and support the progressive, modern movement. Beyond the traditional means of getting the message across: email blasts, website updates and word of mouth, Modern Market has hosted a series of events to raise awareness for its brands and to cement its reputation as a purveyor of fine goods in the community. Recently the company hosted a modern flea market, highlighting local companies. There were no booth fees and each company represented different product types, so there was no competition. The retailer rounded out the event ambiance with food, great music and lots of excitement. It was a great success, they both said.


For additional information about Modern Market or the award given, please contact Caroline Larussa at 504.896.2206 or
Modern Market is a curated lifestyle brand dedicated makers, doers, crafters and the believers in the positive impact of design. The products range from emerging furniture, home decor, accessories and modern essential for creative living. Modern Market is locally owned and operated in New Orleans, LA and has been in business for 6 years.