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  • The Astrofire’s circular design inspires conversation, creates stunning focal point and heats up your evenings with style.
    The Astrofire is manufactured from 14 gauge steel, and hand-rolled into a wide conical shape and attached to a ¼”plate steel base with sleek tapered legs.
    Astrofire measures 34” in diameter and 17” tall. It has a spacious 22” wide firebox for burning full size logs. Our propane or natural gas equipped
    model has a 125,000 BTU stainless star burner
    to keep you warm and toasty on even the coldest evenings.
    The Astrofire is available in all of our current colors: Tangerine, Maraschino, Azure Avocado, Ultra-Lounge White, Charcoal and our newest color Aqualuxe.
    All Astrofires come with clear fire-glass for the outer trim ring and are available in wood burning, propane or natural gas models
    • 34"Dia x 17"H