Bois de Figuier Candle

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  • ANISE CEDAR FIG | A light and woody perfume that exhales a warm and unique sense of pleasures. A soft and pleasant fig fragrance awakened by a touch of spicy notes. It is blended with an exceptional wood to offer a sensual perfume. This exclusive scent was uniquely created by master perfumers in Grass, the world's capital of perfume in France. Vases are mouth-blown by European artisans, who make each glass distinct and recyclable for other purposes. Born in France. Handmade in the USA.
    • H14: 42oz. | 3 wicks | 200hr. burn time | 5.5"x5.5"x5.5"
    • H18: 78oz | 5 wicks | 300hr. burn time | 7"x7"x7"
    • Made of natural, vegetable-based wax without coloring, clean-burning, following environmental standards
    • Wicks are made of finest quality cotton, without zinc
    • Packaging made of recycled cardboard
    • Materials have never been tested on animals