Gravy Lamp

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  • The Gravy Lamp is the latest in LED technology wrapped up in a warm wood finish. Featuring a low profile, this compact desk lamp brings style and warmth to your home or office. Edge lit technology in a circular LED head provides a soft, evenly distributed glow of warm light. The solid wood bar and base are offered in three different natural woods and the LED head is a delicate aluminum stand. Controlling the light is easy – simply tap the center of the underside of the LED head to turn on or off, and touch and hold to dim or brighten the light. 

    • 28 LEDs
    • 6 watts consumption
    • 50,000 hours lifespan
    • 3,500 K light color
    • Continuous touch dimming
    • Maple, Silver, White cord / White Oak, Matte White, Blue cord / Walnut, Matte White,
    • Rotates 360 degrees
    • Red cord
    • 10’ cord Fully recyclable aluminum
    • Water-based paint
    • FSC certified packaging
    • LEDs do not contain mercury
    • Low power consumption (<10 watts)
    • LEED credit eligibility