Nest Weave Rug

  • Subtle, meandering stripes give an understated elegance to add a classically stylish signature to any space.  This product is made from natural, sustainable fibers and will fade in natural sunlight. Please note that some color may transfer on light colored surfaces. Rotate your rug to minimize damage caused by natural light. With a repeated rise and fall, these richly textured rugs are handcrafted from a luxurious wool blend to provide softness underfoot.  Please allow 2-4 week lead time, as this product comes from overseas. 
    • 35.5"W x 70.5"L
    • 55”W x 78.5”L
    • 67”W x 95.5”L
    • 78.5”W x 118”L
    • 98.5"W x 138"L
    • 118"W x 157.5"L
    • Made of hemp
    • Weave height: 9/16"
    • End finish: natural turnover
    • Meant for indoor use: residential, light commercial projects, hall runners