Pal Wall Unit

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  • Pole Mounted Aluminum Shelving Unit. Satin Anodized Aluminum Poles with choice of anodized or powder coated adjustable aluminum shelves in black, orange, rust, satin or white.  Single unit mounts with four screws to any wall.  Add more units to fill an entire wall if you would like!
    The Pal Shelf design is strong enough to hold books without shelf deflection. All the shelves are independent so they can be at any height.  Order multiples and put the shelves at the same level or stagger them along the wall.  Can hold 100lbs per shelf.
    Materials: Poles and shelves are made of extruded anodized aluminum and powder coated when color is specified.
    • 26"W X 84"H X 12"D
    • 33"W X 84"H X 12"D
    • 50"W X 84"H X 12"D