• Object, surface, fireplace. Our newest design, the Ultrafire combines these elements to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space.
    An elegant solution to the standard fire-pit, the Ultrafire inspires your friends and family to gather around it’s impressive 60” diameter and warm up any get together with style. Available in three high temperature powder-coat finishes: Snow, chocolate, and charcoal. Burner area can be filled with lava rock or any fire-rated aggregate.

    If you are purchasing a Propane model, be sure to consider our Modpod. It stylishly hides your fuel tank and doubles as a mod side table.
    • Fuel options: Natural Gas, Propane
    • Size: 60" diameter, 20” tall, 19” ledge, 22” firebox
    • Propane or natural gas model has a 125,000 BTU stainless dual ring burner.
    • Propane fueled Ultrafires come with a 10ft hose, regulator and adjustable needle valve to articulate gas flow.
    • Fuel options: Natural Gas, Propane, or Wood Burning

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