Z-Bar Mini

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  • The Z-Bar Light features a streamlined design that contains energy saving LEDs and three simple bars. Add intuitive on/off functionality with a dimming option.The LED head spins and moves back and forth to allow the user to direct the light anywhere it’s needed… and even dim it if desired. Three bar design provides the ultimate flexibility. Turn the lamp on or off or dim the light using one finger on the touch strip.
    The Z-Bar Mini packs all of the style and features of its big brothers. This smaller version definitely delivers the same classic design, long reach and flexibility and multi-directional LED head. The only difference is, this Mini fits in a smaller space. Available in 8 different finishes!
    • 28 LEDs
    • 6.5 watts consumption
    • 50,000 hours lifespan
    • 3,500 K light color
    • Multi-level touch dimming
    • Metallic Black, Silver, White, Red, Orange, Blue, Green
    • 10’ cord
    • Fully recyclable aluminum
    • Water-based paint
    • FSC certified packaging
    • LEDs do not contain mercury
    • Low power consumption (<10 watts)
    • 38% pre-consumer recycled material by weight
    • LEED credit eligibility
    • 5 Year warranty