Z-Bar Solo Light

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  • The Z-Bar collection broke the mold for desk and floor lamp design and introduced the world to contemporary stylings. Designers tossed away the bulb-and-shade for a flexible, streamlined design that contained LEDs and three simple bars. Add intuitive on/off functionality with a dimming option and the rest, as they say, is history. With several sizes to choose from, there’s a Z-Bar for every need. As if the incredible Z-Bar design couldn’t get any more minimalist, we present the Z-Bar Solo. Bring an even more compact LED lamp into your home or work space…and with all of the same features of the full size Z-Bar lamp. Three bar design provides the ultimate flexibility. Turn the lamp on or off or dim the light using one finger on the touch strip. No bulky bulbs - just  a slim row of tiny LEDs you can turn to illuminate any direction. Designed by Peter Ng, the Z-Bar has won "Best of Category" in I.D. Magazine's 2006 Annual Design Review, TIME Magazine's "Best Inventions Of The Year" 2007, and is a permanent collection at Die Die Neue Sammlung in Munich.
    • 35 LEDs
    • 8.5 watts consumption
    • 50,000 hours lifespan
    • 3,500 K / 4,500 K light color
    • Multi-level touch dimming
    • Metallic Black / Silver
    • 10’ cord
    • Fully recyclable aluminum
    • Water-based paint
    • FSC certified packaging
    • LEDs do not contain mercury
    • Low power consumption (<10 watts)
    • 41% pre-consumer recycled material by weight
    • LEED credit eligibility
    • 5 Year warranty